Dr Robert Knox Anatomist
by Augustin Edouart 1789 - 1861

Chosen for the National Galleries of Scotland Art Competition 2010 this silhouette shows Dr Robert Knox, a distinguished anatomical lecturer at the University of Edinburgh holding a skull.

Augusin Eduart who was born in Dunkirk left France in 1814 and established himself in London where he began making pictures from hair. In 1828 he started work as a Silhouette Portraiturist cutting black paper with scissors into full lengh portraits about 18 cms high. (This picture is made from fabric being more durable to touch)

In 1827-28 Burke and Hare began to supply Dr Knox with suitable subjects for his classes. Once their crimes had been discovered Knox was considered to be just as guilty by popular belief and he returned to London.

Almost a hundred years later the Royal College of Surgeons dedicated a rememberence stone to his grave.

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