Art At Your Fingertips would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their generous help and support.

for their generous support in sponsoring the tactile picture, "Old Man With His Head In his Hands", one of the collection of interpretations of van Gogh's work in the library.

The Scottish Cartoon Art Studio for their kind permission to make tactile interpretations of some of their caricatures. For more information on their work, visit

Re: Library of Historic Art in Tactile Form
"I believe it is a very progressive and useful concept which should be developed further. It could make a substantial contribution to introducing blind and partially-sighted people to the world of painting and art."

"The Royal London Society for the Blind has passed me some very interesting information on the tactile pictures you produce."

"When I took examples of your work to
the Advice group(Teachers of art with the Visually Impaired)
they were considered to be the best examples of work of this type.
There seems to be very little work of quality of this type in the country
and I feel you are catering for a lack in provision."

"Thank you for arranging for Sunflowers to be brought to our centre. I feel that this type of work will be of interest."

"Thank you again for producing such a beautiful representation of the Gaugin picture-a real work of art in its own right."

DAVID BLUNKETT MP "Can I commend you on the effort and time you have taken to make the works of Van Gogh come alive in tactile form."

Donations have been gratefully received from the following:

Cheltenham & Gloucester

Courts Furnishings

Honeywell Computers

Master Transcriptions of Tunbridge Wells.

Southborough Lions Club

Southern Water

Swiss Life


and finally special thanks to Elizabeth Morris and Michael Fenton-Stevens for recording some of the taped commentaries

If you or your company would like to support Art At Your Fingertips in its goal of revealing classic art to visually-impaired people, please contact Helen Bouch at this address,

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